Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Backyard Fun

Since the weather is changing here and it's become really nice during the evenings, we've been heading outside each night after dinner to play and visit on the patio and in the back yard. Colorado has had a HOT cools down at night, but the days are hot. If we were in Texas, we would think nothing of it, but part of the deal here in Colorado is that we live in an ideal climate. So, bring it on!!!!! We're ready!

Each day gets better and this morning while taking Carter to school, I noticed it was barely in the 70's. High 86. We can handle that, but I'm ready for Fall.

So, I took a few pictures of the boys outside. Our grass has finally made some improvements and is looking good after a tough summer on the young sod put in. Blake has been working hard on bringing it back and he's finally seeing his efforts pay off. We have bluegrass here which is very soft and so nice to sit in when it's in good shape.

And, just a note.....yes, we do own clothes for Jack. It has seemed lately, though, that I only post pictures of him in his diaper. We're a class act.

Jack busy cruising around.

Carter....getting tall and lean.

Jack has no problem crawling and walking on the rock borders.

Loving the new furniture and his ability to get up and down on his own.

Silly faces.

Back up.

Helping out with the lawn.

Blake and Jack having fun.

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