Friday, August 03, 2007

New Roles Update

Blake asked me this morning how long he's been a "SAHD" (stay at home dad, for those of you not on baby message boards). 3 weeks? 4? Is it time for the baby to arrive yet?

No,'s been 4 days....and really only 3 since he asked early this morning. This new role is a challenge for him and for all of us. He's handling things beautifully, but it will take some adjusting. After doing both, I insist that staying home with kids is more difficult than working outside of the home. No doubt about it!

We're working on a routine and I've encouraged Blake to get the kids out of the house at least once a day, as that is what they're accustomed to and it also helps the day go by faster. Plus, if we were to spend the next 5 weeks in this house together, with Carter CONSTANTLY wanting something to eat and Jack chasing Batman and then crying because he got bit, not one of us would survive this period in our lives.

I think the boys are heading to Elitch's tonight...which means I have a date with a Blockbuster movie. I think we'll all be happy and content. Wish us luck!

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