Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of 1st Grade!!!!!

Carter had a great day today. It started out chaotically with everyone walking their kids to their classroom. Carter informed me that I didn't have to and I told him to expect such service until he goes to college. He's thrilled about that.

Carter was recently accepted into a Charter School closer to our house than his previous one. It's a well-respected school in this part of Denver, so we were thrilled to get in. And, I'm even more thrilled about their uniform requirement!!!!

A few pictures from our sweet boy's big day.....

At home....ready to go.

Finding his classroom.

Nervous boy, hanging up his backpack.

Each day, the children place their name under which meal they will have.

At his desk and ready to learn. So proud of him!

Dad retrieving Carter from school.

Lots of chatting about his big day.


Anonymous said...

That's so fun! Can't wait to hear all about school from him next week when I visit!!!

Anonymous said...

What a good day! The last picture is a classic!

Shannon said...

Cute! Carter should be a pro at getting used to new schools by now. Our first day of school is tomorrow. All the kids here ride the bus and on the first day, the parents drive separately and meet up w/their kids at the school for pics (so the kids can figure out the routine of bus riding). Will be strange - we'll see how it goes!

starnes family said...

I know!!! So glad to finally be settled in the house and to know we won't be moving soon. Luckily, it's been Carter going through this transition.....the most social kid ever....he can handle anything!

Good luck to Blake and Payton!