Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nothing Is Safe For Our Kids!

It certainly seems that way....after watching the news here last night. Just like the ever popular Crocs, Colorado claims fame to the Baby Einstein series, which was created by a mom in Longmont. This home grown series has been a staple for our kids and many others I know.....however, now they're being suggested as dangerous. We just can't win!

Read the article here to learn more.

Although I understand what they're trying to get across to us, I think we'll be OK. On another note, the creator, Julie Aigner-Clark, used the money she made by selling the series to Disney to create another video, which we have found very useful in providing "stranger danger" information to our kids. It's called The Safe Side and I highly recommend it. We watch it about every 6 months to keep Carter in tune with the dangers around him.

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