Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last Day Of Summer

Today is the day! School starts tomorrow and we ALL could not be more excited about it. We've grown tired of the hot summer days and we're ready for a change. Carter will start the 1st grade in the morning and he can't wait! He was placed into a class with one of his best friends in the neighborhood and his other good friend is in the neighboring classroom.

This is a big step for him this year. His Kindergarten curriculum included half-days...which we loved....and now 1st grade is a full day! He's excited to eat lunch in the cafeteria, have TWO recesses (what could be better?) and more.

Today, we met his teacher, dropped off school supplies, set up his lunch account, bought more uniforms for the fall, launched his campus account and toured the school. He sits at his own desk this year and he was very proud upon discovering that. I failed to get a picture today....would have surely embarrassed him. I'll be lucky to get one tomorrow. My little photography subject that I've held for years is growing up and is "too cool" for so many pictures these days. Who told him they would stop at some point?!

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