Saturday, September 22, 2012


Lots of random activity at the Starnes house lately.

Lainey has led "Meow" into school with the tiniest bit of persuasion each day.  He seems to oblige.

I made muffalletta pasta recently.  

It was delicious.

Chuck E Cheese party for Austin's birthday!

Of course Jack wore his tux.

No germs on that floor, I'm sure.

Line dancing!

Now is the time to start picking up school supplies.  They're not at their lowest prices, but they're pretty good right now.

Ask teachers what they're in need of.  Pick up a few things for them, too.

You remember my glue stick obsession from last year.  Still on it.

We recently learned via face time that Britney is having a baby girl!  We can't wait.  Well, Jack can.  But, Lainey is thrilled!

I'm trying out a new resale system.  It's called Thred Up.


I got this darling dress for $6.

And, these shorts for Carter for $4.

They send you a bag to send in your goods to sell.  Soon, I'll get an estimate on what they think they can make on what I sent in.  

I love this idea.  No more standing in lines.

If only I could bring myself to buy re-sale knee socks.  

With hearts that peak out at the toes.

In need of bows?

I found this display at Walmart.  They are good quality and not unlike ones that I've paid $6-$10 for.  Check them out.  They're $1 each!

And, speaking of Walmart, they're Halloween crop is super cute this year.

How cute is this wreath with the polka-dot witch hats?  I would tone it down a bit in other areas, but for $12.97, I couldn't make it for less money.

I'm pumpkin painting and mod podging this afternoon once it cools down a bit.  Yay for fall!

Next post:  Lainey's birthday trip to Disneyland.  I only threatened to leave the family there once.  Success!


Allyson and Dave said...

Now I am just laughing picturing you walking through Walmart taking pictures!

Lauren W said...

Tred up? Is this what it is? I'm intrigued.

Mama Sue said...

Thanks for all the pics...your family is adorable. I think Lainey's guitar pose is my favorite!

Kristen said...

I LOVE Halloween decorations. But I am scared to shop in WalMart. I need to get over that cuz I LOVE a good deal but I am just always freaked out by that place.

Side note: the fact that Jack a) has a tux and b) loves to get dressed up and wear it makes my heart swell. Love that kid.

Dee Stephens said...

The above commenter is afraid to shop at Wally World? It's not my favorite thing but not sure how you avoid it these days unless you only go to Target.
love the kids in their formal wear at Chuck E Cheese.