Sunday, September 30, 2012


Lots of random stuff here! And, big news coming, too. 

Jack, our little skateboarding dude.

Punks in their LSU gear from Aunt Mary.  

Some Halloween decor at the casa de Starnes.

Love these new thumb tack options.  Good texture.

Made these for the a client. 

Crows are everywhere.  Love them.

Love our new canisters for art supplies.  Found the labels on and had them custom made for $2 each!

Whale Watching tour was on Saturday. 

Left from Dana Point.


8 kids!

No whales, but hundreds of dolphins.  Like, doing sea world flips out of the water dolphins.  Pretty cool.

Me, Holly and Renee.

The boys:  Mark, Blake and Mike.

Not sure a boat has ever been so happy to see a group leave.

We never disappoint!

Next post:  Big, big news with lots of changes in our family.

No, I'm not pregnant.



Mama Sue said...

You guys never slow down do you? Looks like so much fun. Carter looks like he's getting really tall. Same age as Sydney and at her 12 y/o check up she was 4'6". Her big sister is 33 and 4'11". Can't wait to hear your big news.

Pam Bowers said... mean to leave us hanging! Great pics. I'm not sure about Lainey being able to stick her tongue up her nose. lol Her tomboy is showing.

I hope your news isn't that you're leaving the area!

Nicky said...

Love the boat pics of the kids. Can't wait to hear the big, big news!

Jo said...

I only have to read one of your post to realize that my life could be a lot busier .... but yours really seem to be so much more fun!

Tick tick tick ... waiting for the big news!

Dee Stephens said...

Poor Carter. That picture of the 8 kids he looks like he would rather be somewhere else.
I bet he's about over it? He's a pre-teen! Right?

Monica said...

I love your Very Jane purchase! Love the punks in their LSU gear too. Super cute!

Jodee said...

Love, love, love your jars. I bought some similar vinyl for our new pantry and I can't wait to use them!

Adorable LSU and boat pictures! You guys have the best adventures!

I simply can't believe you are going to leave your bloggy BFFs hanging another day! Shame on you!

Kristen said...

WHATS THE NEWS!??!?!?!!??!?!?!!?!? Please say you're moving to Wisconsin. That would be the best news in the world. Come on. Just say it.

And love the pics... Carter. Wow. So grown up... and the punks, as always, just love.

Heather said...

are you moving? can't imagine you leaving that place... surely not