Monday, September 10, 2012

Rite of Passage

It was a big, big day.  One that she's anticipated for a couple of years.
Everyone has different opinions.  Blake and I have always thought her ears being pierced should be her choice.  She started taking notice of friends a while ago, but we waited until she was sure about moving forward with it.
5 years old seemed to be a good fit.
Our "surrogate grandmother" and very special neighbor had a friend in the mall she trusted.  We made an appointment and prepared for the big day.
Pep talk........

She's excited at this point.

And, my sweet girl is nervous here.  I wanted to whisk her away and tell her to wait.
But, it was her choice.

Almost time!

The girls did both ears at once.  It was a bit scary and she ended up crying. 
My sweet, sweet girl. 
Her first lesson in's not all fun and games to be "pretty".
But, look how proud she is now:

Pink diamonds.  She's in love.
And, regardless of her earrings, I'm even more in love than ever, because every day brings us even closer together. 
My only daughter. 
She is a blessing that words cannot even begin to describe.


Mama Sue said...

So pretty! Sydney was 8 and her's didn't go so well! We did the same thing about letting her decide.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

OK, as much as I love the sweetness of this post, the main thing I took away from that I am now kicking myself for not ordering those lacy leggings! They are even more darling on!

Lauren W said...

What a beautiful BIG girl! The two of you will always have such a special and close relationship. I love your tender heart towards her.

Pam Bowers said...

I love her new earrings. She looks like she handled it well. Such a cutie!

Unknown said...

Aww. I just love her to pieces!

Jo said...

Aah! Cat had her's done last Wednesday for her 10th birthday. It was the 'best birthday present, like ever'

Brittny said...

Go Lainey!! We feel the same way. I had to wait until I was 10 (sort of made hitting double digits even more special) And I always said that Sophie had to be old enough to take care of it herself. She saw Lainey's pic and got excited. She also saw a little girl this weekend with Hello Kitty earrings and couldn't wait to show them to me. I asked her if she wanted earrings, knowing she wasn't ready, and she said, "No way! It'll hurt!" Her words, not mine. She did ask how the process worked and I told her, without trying to scare her. I'm thinking she'll be 10 before she's ready.

donatelli98 said...

Way to make me want to cry - just after I get to work! So sweet. We haven't hit this milestone yet in our house. It has been discussed briefly - very briefly ... Love you blogs for Mitt!!

The Gypsy♥Belle said...

She is such a little Diva! To precious!! Umm, please let me in on where you scored those lacy leggings!! Day Day is in serious need of a pair now that I've seen how stinkin' cute they can be!!

Monica said...

I am glad you waited. I don't like it when babies have their ears pierced. I got mine done for my 12th birthday. Sweet girl! Love those pink diamonds!

Katherine said...

I was supposed to wait until 12 but since I have a late birthday, my mom caved and let me do it at 11 1/2. I suppose because she knew that I would be the last to get my license, last to turn 18 ,etc. Anyway.... Jason is very strict about this and wants the girls to wait until they are about 37 so I just told him that I was 11 when I got mine and if it is good enough for me, it is good enough for my girls.
But my real point in this comment is to ask: what the heck are those large angel wings behind her head? Is that to help them get the earrings even?

Kay said...

I was 30 before I had mine done and wish I would have had them done sooner. Natalie was 18 and a senior before she was ready. Children are a treasure but daughters and moms have a special bond. Natalie just finished writing a paper in college about how I influenced her to be tolerant, to always say Thank You, to be nice to everyone, to respect differences and it was heart-warming. I love reading about you and your family! I miss the young years but still enjoy the old years!

Kristen said...

Oh my... this is fantastic. I still remember to this day getting my ears pierced. It was HUGE. I am already wondering when the "right" time will be for Quinn. I like your approach.. waiting until she can decide. Wow. This is just so big.
Her pink diamonds are beautiful :)

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