Thursday, September 06, 2012

Writing Without Thinking (2)

I think I've only done this once before.  Maybe more.  After 6+ years of blogging, I've started to forget a few things.
Here we go!
1.  Housewives of Miami is a train wreck. 
2.  I'm already over the election people posting that they're over the election.  We get it.  It's annoying.  If you're going to post about politics, do it right.  Make your claim and then wait for the opposition to tear it down.  Return with some obscure website claiming to be fact checking.  Add it to the feed.  Wait for another rebuttal.  Get upset.  If you expect anything other than this chain of events, find another subject to throw out on Facebook.
3.  Lainey turns 5 in 8 days.  Five!  We're officially out of the toddler years.  Every now and then, I think I'm pregnant.  I'm sure it's just underlying jealousy that my SIL is expecting.  Damn you, Britney! 
4.  Stores don't have pumpkins or costumes out yet.  People, please.  Put this stuff out now.  We're ready.
5.  I'm going to publicly bash the first person that complains that Christmas is out in some stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.  Crafters have to work now.  Thus, the inventory on shelves.
6.  Jack and I are going to a Boy Scout meeting next week.  We explained what it was all about and he replied with, "Yike on Up?"  Yes.  "Good afternoon......"  I hope he's as dorky as that kid. 
7.  I was a Brownie when I was a kid.  At least, I think I was.  Lainey wants to be one.  And, do ballet/tap.  While Carter plays football.  And, Jack attends Tiger Cub meetings and camp outs.  In addition to all 3 kids being in CCD this year.  I need an assistant.



Allyson and Dave said...

Dave is the worst offender when it comes to political nonsense on Facebook. He initiates it and plays into it. Drives me nuts!

Nicky said...

I got my first mini pumpkins today at Whole Foods. I think I may have scared the produce guys when I squealed with glee as I dropped them in my basket! Did I ever tell you I once got banned from the comments section of a blog after saying I was happy to see the early holiday stuff? I think we are kindred spirits, Casey!

Unknown said...

I totally had a great comeback as to why I am a guilty B on the whole FB political crap, but then Train took the stage on AGT and sounded like crap. I lost my train of thought. Oh well... On a lighter note, HAPPY EARLY B'DAY LAINEY!!!

Jodee said...

Bring on the holidays! I can't wait!

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Really no costumes out? Every where here!!!!

Jo said...

My kids are trying to convince me to have another baby ... I think not but I would love it if my best friend had one!

Unknown said...

One time I wrote that Oprah was a socialist on FB and I got death threats. Man, people take That FB way too seriously. You prolly think you're pregnant because you ARE, duh. And, I would appreciate it if you would zip it about Housewives of anything. BB said when we move to California, I have to get rid of cable. He's a total dick.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I am so sick of politics too.

I think it'd be great if you were pregnant!

I love looking at all of the Christmas stuff! Can't wait!

I think I was a Brownie, but I only lasted for a few meetings. I was a very shy [antisocial] kid :)

Kristen said...

I TOTALLY volunteer to be your assistant. Quinn will be come too... so you actually will get 1.5assostants in stread of one. And sjeis ripping the computer fro0fm me so I can no longer type. Best of lucklljbkkjb translating this.