Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 5

We woke Friday morning in Anaheim....at the same hotel we stayed at 3 years ago.....walking distance to Disneyland. Very convenient and smart for a long day at the park. The kids swam with Daddy.....we ate breakfast and packed up for Aliso Viejo. Visited with my Aunt Donna and Cousin Cam for a few hours. The kids hit the pool again, we ate lunch and played with their zoo of animals! I'm reminded of just how lame we are when it comes to pets when I visit a house like this. So fun and the children love it.

Around 2:00, we drove back south down to Encinitas to have dinner with sweet friends, Darin and Merrilee. I failed to get a group pic and I'm sad about that. But, I did manage to snap a few pics of the kids. Precious Ellery and Dane.....our 3 enjoyed getting to know their 2.

They have a lovely Southern California home....decorated so nicely and the patio is to die for! Lainey probably didn't notice the design like I did. Instead, she focused on the swing.

Darin took the boys out to a skate park that could only be described as the holy grail for thugs like Carter.

Tony Hawk learned to skate here. Pretty impressive.

Sometimes I don't know who this child is....looking like a big kid these days.

Keep looking, Carter.....and stay on the safe side of the park. Let's give it a few years before you venture onto the half pipe.

The guys returned talking some tough skating lingo (well, Carter, anyway)....we ate a delicious dinner, despite Merrilee and me letting the chicken burn while we chatted away. Then, onto s'mores.

Jack and Ellery.

I was thrilled to get to know Darin better while we were in town. Can't imagine Merrilee with anyone other than a wonderful person.....and he's FUNNY, too. Such a great couple.

It was a low-key day and one we needed after such a big venture out to Disneyland. Caroline got some Starnes-free time while we had dinner in Encinitas and enjoyed an evening alone at the beach house, quiet and all things still. She needed it. Anyone would!

We're not the easist family to travel with. :)

Back soon with Day 6!


Coco said...

Only you would describe that as a "low key" day. Weirdo!

Miss you and can't wait to hear all about it!!

The Jones Family said...

HOW fun, their babies are too precious too. SO glad you all got to get together!

Coco, I know she is having a ball but isn't it time for her to come home now? :)

Dee Stephens said...

I bet Carter was stoked about that skate park knowing Tony Hawk learned to skate there!
Love the pix and I love CA. Wish I was there too :(

Carrie Darney said...

So fun! I bet you have a great time!!

merrilee said...

It was SO fun to see you. . . and thanks for taking blame for the burned chicken, but let's face it--that one was ALL my fault!!!