Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 6

Saturday morning brought us into the city sans-Blake for a visit to the Maritime Museum. Lots for us to see and do.

The boys on the Berkeley, a steam ferry from 1898.

The interior is beautiful and well restored.

Next, the Star of India, the world's oldest active ship. It's gorgeous!

Lots of exhibits inside for kids to learn about important sea expeditions.

Digging for treasures!

They loved this part.....looking out "secret" windows.

Sample cabin rooms. Close quarters!

Another, the "Surprise", was built to replicate an 18th century Royal Navy boat. It was actually used in the movie, Master and Commander, with Russell Crowe a few years ago.

The USS Dolphin Submarine.

I went in, partially, and then decided to turn around. With Lainey in the Ergo in front and then my baby bag on my back....we didn't fit well through the tunnel holes!

Carter took Jack through and they both loved it.

For an added fee, we took a historic tour of the bay on the Pilot, built in 1914.

Saw this aircraft carrier while on the water.....the USS Midway.

And sailed under it!

The fam on board.....notice Lainey screaming her head off. She was a MEGA-BRAT during this outing.

Such a great destination. We learned about the boats, the kids discovered all sorts of fun things and Caroline & I got our history fix.

Took the kids home and then Caroline and I ventured out to Old Town for a "date" night with Carter. First saw this candle shop where Caroline had made candles with cousins Cam and Erin years ago.

Lovely churches throughout this district.

Hello, seagulls! Let's hope it's a rental car.

Dinner at Cafe Coyote.....shrimp quesadillas and fish tacos. Yum!

The highlight of the evening......a guided tour of The Whaley House, the most haunted house in the United States according to many sources, including the Travel Channel.

The house is beautiful and holds a ton of history. The Whaley family was one of the first to inhabit the San Diego area. Why all the ghosts? First, the judge who resided over this court was a known alcoholic.....and made some irresponsible decisions in regards to the death penalty. Those disgruntled souls have supposedly returned to show their disatisfaction.

Also, the house itself is built on land formerly used for executions.

Many businesses inhabited the house over the years, in addition to it being the family home for the Whaleys. A billiard hall, court house, general store (pictured below), and more.....all set roots in the house. Lots of people in and out.

A theater was built upstairs. Very unusual for this time period.

I could go on and on about this very interesting family.....but won't bore you. Check out the site to learn more.

But, I'm pleased to report......drumroll, please.....I had my first haunted encounter here! Mock if you must....but it was really incredible.

Following the tour and a bit of shopping, we stopped by the candle shop so Carter could make one like Cam and Erin did so many years ago. Thanks, Caroline!

Tired yet? Wait until you see what we did on Day 7!


Heather said...

You can't just leave it at that!!! You HAVE to tell about your haunted encounter!!!!

Sweet Lainey Caroline---I am sure she was NOT being a megabrat!!!

Malinda said...

I want to know what your haunted encounter is too!

The Lenzers said...

That ship yard looks like the coolest place!!! I am still in awe of the 2 week vacation. Are you staying with family? And do tell how you got your husband to take 2 weeks off. I can't get Mark to take a day off-and when he does the freaking blackberry is buzzing non-stop--haha!

Carrie Darney said...

You have GOT to post about the haunted experience! I and dying to know!

Mega brat? I doubt that...not that cute thing. I love the photo of Jack and Carter smiling. They are such adorable brothers!!

FROGGITY! said...

oh my goodness! love a good ghost story. also love historical excursions! how much fun are you having??? that all just looks so cool and beautiful!!!

Dee Stephens said...

lol on Lainey being a mega-brat maybe she's just to girlie to be hanging in the shipyard? That boat is amazing by the way! I love historical stuff too!

SASS said...

Casey, now you HAVE to tell about your haunted encounter. That is just cruel to leave so many people hanging. Really.
Always love the pics--keep them coming!

starnes family said...

Ghost story coming soon!

Jann.....yes, we're staying at my aunt's condo for most of the trip, with a few hotel stays as well and a cabin at the Grand Canyon. The condo is fabulous and so accomodating......huge and walking distance to the beach! We are very lucky!

Blake has 7+ weeks of vacation right now......he's actually losing time b/c he has so much.....so that certainly helped with his ability to take time off.

SASS said...

Casey--thanks so much for your step by step instructions on my header! It looks darling! I'm able to spend hours on scrapblog--too fun. Thanks again!