Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1

Where to begin? First, we slept in a bed last night! Always enjoyable.

Then, we spent the morning unpacking and shopping for groceries. Took a drive around the area and La Jolla is lovely! We're a short walk to the beach.....a short walk to restaurants and can pick up a Maserati a few doors down.

Just might do it. Calories, carbs, fat grams and spending does not count while on vacation. Didn't you know?

Caroline and Carter arrived this afternoon via plane rather than the family truckster. So lame, but it was so good to see them both. We took them back to the condo.....gave them a tour.....and then packed up for a walk through Seaport Village. It's a fun, touristy type place in the bay. We ate dinner, shopped, drooled over the yachts, hunted for crabs and enjoyed the view.

Caroline + kids taking in the ocean.

Sweet Carter was first to touch the water. No surprise there.

Jack and Lainey, later in the day, at Seaport Village.

"Cheese" for ice cream.

3 kiddos.

So much to see.

A lovely restaurant on the water.....took the boys there during our '06 trip here.

We couldn't wait to find the carousel again. Take a look at where it originally began!

So fun....and I love the history behind it.

***I'm going to try to post each day....a few pictures from of our events.....that way, I won't have to try and recall everything once we return back home. Enjoy!


Allyson and Dave said...

I always wanted to visit that area...I looks so pretty!!

The Jones Family said...

Looks wonderful so far! Have a blast...

Carrie Darney said... fun! Glad Carter and Caroline arrived safely. I'm LOVING that you are going to try to post everyday! That will help alot so you are not so overwhelmed when you get home trying to recap.

Have fun!

Monica said...

I'm so so jealous! Love the picture of Carter walking into the ocean. Great pic!