Monday, July 20, 2009

The Drive Here

Went unbelievably well! But, first.....a few fun pics from before we left.

Maci Kaye's Birthday Party. Baby girl is 1 year old! Love this pic......looks like Lainey is saying, "But, I'm still bigger than you."

An always interesting attempt at the cousins picture.

The fam before we left.

To Ceason's first.....a quick, but always fun visit....she has the cutest pets and our kids adore them. Here is Jack walking Lucky. Not sure if that's a look of digust or sheer tolerance on her face.

And, we're off! The trip's mascot.....proudly displayed on top of the 'burb. Trying to figure out how to permanently mount her to the front of the car.

Our travel her mischevious look here.

But, love this one even more when we're on the road.

Jack, too!

Even punkin Blake.

Just a couple of pics from the is a billboard in Roswell, New Mexico. Sad we didn't see any true aliens. Next time, hopefully.

But, check out this treasure. Looks a whole lot like Christie Brinkley's ride during the movie, Vacation. This equally attention seeking individual just needed her "Luv Me" license plate to complete the look. Fabulous.

I'm finding it difficult to fairly describe the kids' behavior during our 28 hour car ride here. They were so unbelievably happy......and quiet.....and accomodating. We were 20+ hours in before a tear was shed. They were such troopers. So, we're officially a road trip family!!!!! We'll drive anywhere!!!!! Next stop, Paris! Oh, wait.


The Lenzers said...

SO BRAVE!!!! In the Starnes pic, looks like you were at the Plano Chuy's??? If so, you were just down the street from my house! Hope you all have a safe and fun vacation.

Carrie Darney said...

LOVE it! I can't believe you saw a ferrari like Christy Brinkley's!! Ha! And man, your hubby is hot even sleeping. SO cute! I'm so happy it went smooth for you! Now go have a great time!!

Heather said...

Casey--please don't make it a habit of taking pics of blake while driving!!! :)

We just drove Ellison to Branson to Kanakuk Kamp and every farmers market I saw --I thought of you! lol!

So glad the trip there went so well!

I posted on coco's blog that I want to meet you and her in real life one day!

If the shoe FITZ said...

You need to teach LC how to cross her legs!