Monday, September 25, 2006

Six Flags again!

To stay out of the movers' way, I took the boys to Six Flags with my sisters on Sunday. Beautiful weather, short lines, another great day with Ceason and Caroline. Couldn't have been better.

Carter on a roller coaster in Looney Land.

Casey, Caroline, Jack.

Carter and Ceason on the Mine Train. Carter wasn't sure about this one.

Caroline and the baby, feeling like he's almost too big for the Baby Bjorn.

Ceason holding Jack!!!

Front row!

Carter NOT HAPPY after going on the cliff hanger.

One of our favorites....the log ride.

Sisters and best friends. love with Caroline.

We surprised Caroline by giving her a nameplate for her classroom.

Carter and Mom - with sweet departure gifts from Ceason and Caroline....books about Texas. Great idea!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day! I'm looking forward to tonight!

Anonymous said...

Tell Carter that I was much older than him before I was brave enough to ride the cliffhanger! WOW.

starnes family said...

Hi, T.J.!!!! I will definitely tell Carter what you wrote. Thanks for checking in. Keep in touch!