Friday, September 01, 2006

Walk To School

Since the weather this week has been (almost) reasonable, we walked to school this morning. We had a good time. Saw a baby snake and a frog on the way! That alone was worth the trip.

Carter pushing the stroller.

As we got closer to the school, I offered to push the stroller for Carter. He insisted that he continue to push it, "Because I want to show my friends my baby brother." I didn't know that was so cool!

Carter's favorite.

As with most things he does, Carter shows great enthusiasm for Kindergarten. He doesn't just walk into school. He runs.

Had to wear shades on the way back because of the sun.


Anonymous said...

Love Carter's hair curling in the back!

starnes family said...

Me, too! My sister, Ceason, says he's getting a mullet. Perhaps. But, he LOVES it. I comb his hair each morning and he reminds me, "Mom, you have to fluff it up in the back!"

He's growing his hair out long because "That's what snowboarders do." God help us.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Carter "rolling" his backpack?

starnes family said...

He couldn't push Jack and roll his backpack, Ceason! Duh!