Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jack's First Feeding

Jack is 4 months old and ready for Stage 1 Foods! He has always been ahead of the game as far as meals go. Just like Carter, he has a rather healthy appetite. So, we started him on baby food tonight after getting the blessing from our pediatrician at Jack's 4 month old appointment. It went well...Carter helped out....that, of course, made things interesting.

Here is Jack with big blue eyes wide open after a few bites from me. He wasn't sure what to think about the applesauce....way more tart than his previous cereal meals.

Carter starts to feed Jack, always stopping to pose for the camera.

Here is Jack enjoying his dinner and doing well!

At this point, Carter calmly puts the spoon down and then runs from the room because Jack put his applesauce-covered baby hand on him.

Happy as a clam after his first big boy meal.

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