Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Not Exactly Love at First Bite

Every morning, Jack wakes in such a good mood....smiling, talking and gurgling...just waiting for someone to come in and greet him. So, Carter and I both go in and say "good morning" together. Jack then goes promptly to his high chair for his morning cereal.

The first bite is always the most entertaining. He makes a strange face and stares at me, shocked, as if I'd just fed him live worms. By the second and third bite, he calms down and thoroughly enjoys his meal. It baffles me, though, how each morning, he has the same initial response....but then lovingly gobbles up the remainder of his breakfast. Babies are interesting!

Sweet Baby Jack, first thing in the morning.

After the first bite. He's sure I've poisoned him here.

Half way through and loving it.

Happy to have a full tummy and ready to start the day!

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