Sunday, August 20, 2006

Carter's First Skating Rink Party

Samantha, or "Sam" to some people, celebrated her 7th birthday at the nearby skating rink. She invited Carter to her party and they all had a great time! At first, Carter tried on the skates familiar to most our age, the old-fashioned ones with 4 wheels (gasp!). He didn't do very well with those, so he tried on a pair of roller blades. Much better!

Being there brought back memories of 5th grade Friday nights at Thunderbird (for those of you from Plano). Blake and I both used to go there on Fridays, but I don't remember seeing him.....probably because I was performing my own personal dance routine in the center circle.

Here are some photos of the cute kids:

Carter with Sam.

With the "blades" on.

Out on his own!

Carter with Selena, Sam's (couldn't be any cuter) little sister.

Darling Samantha.

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