Saturday, August 26, 2006

Visit With The Clemens Family

Carter, Jack and I had lunch with the Clemens family on Saturday. Always a good time!

Bunny ears.

Granmudder got Carter with the bunny ears!

Carter got them, too!

Caroline LOVES Jack! And, he adores her as well.

Ceason, Caroline and the boys.

Granmudder, Grandad and the Grandkids.


Anonymous said...

Man, look at that sweet ride behind grandmudder and grandad.

starnes family said...

I ALMOST wrote something about it in the original post. I should have! Congratulations on the new car, Ceason!

Anonymous said...

Jack looks scared of me! I think he's deciding who's going to be his next barfing victim!

Anonymous said...

Sweet ride Ceason! I have purchased some sweet bumper stickers for your new ride...I cant wait to decorate it for you!

Anonymous said...

Blake, I'm going to get a restraining order, not allowing you within a 10 mile radius of my car.