Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One More Trip To The Zoo

We had our final visit to the Fort Worth Zoo today. Next to the San Diego Zoo, it cannot be beat. So kid-friendly and beautiful with plenty of shade and places to cool off. Of course we stayed almost 6 hours - clearly because we're insane.

We cruised through the flamingos, lions, tigers, elephants and bears without incident. The trip became bittersweet as we explored "Texas Wild", a very interesting exhibit complete with native Texas animals and landscaping. As we watched the Texas documentary provided in the area (always nice to sit in air conditioning!) it became apparent to me how much we're going to miss this state that we love dearly. There is no place like Texas, that is for sure.

So, we wiped our tears of sadness thinking of leaving this great state (well, I wiped my tears....Carter was talking to people most of the time...shocker...and Jack was asleep) and moved on. Caroline and Blake, you will be glad to know that you did not miss any waving monkeys this trip. We waved and waved with no return, unfortunately. As we left that exhibit, I had to laugh, turning around once more before walking out and seeing two dozen people hysterically waving at this one monkey (pictured above), hoping for a wave back, as Carter so passionately promised. He does indeed have influence on people.

It was a wonderful, let's just hope the Denver Zoo has something great to offer us, too!


Anonymous said...

Ready to make memories at the Denver Zoo! I'd love to be there for the first trip!

starnes family said...

Thanks, Caroline. You are a sweet girl!

Shannon said...

I can definitely recommend the Denver children's museum but don't think we've visited the zoo. You'll have to let us know about it!

Anonymous said...

Come on out and maybe we can all go to the Denver Zoo together Caroline. My grandkids love the moneys and especially the apes! You'll be just fine Casey! We have everything you could ask for, plus!