Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Accidental Tourist

Blake took on quite a task Saturday afternoon. He hiked Devil's Tower. Originally intending to take the easy 1.3 mile trail, he became distracted by the scenery, veered off and ended up conquering the 6 mile one. The tower itself rises 900 feet above the base. Base elevation is 4250 feet. Some photos....

Trail view.

Adventurous Blake.

Looking straight up.

Close up view of the tower. Click on the photo and look to the bottom right. You can see a rock climber. Yeah....that's not Blake.

Here is where Blake realized he was lost and now on the serious, 6 mile hike.

Praise the Lord!!!!

Makes it all worth while. This is the view looking west. Click on this one. It's beautiful! Way to go, Blake.


Anonymous said...

I miss Blake :-(

Anonymous said...

I miss you too. I will be home late this Friday and will hit the road again on Monday. Hope to see you.