Friday, August 25, 2006

Simply Could Not Resist

The boys and I met "Granmudder" yesterday to shop and eat lunch. We had a nice visit and found some cute stuff. Upon entering most stores, we noticed that Halloween decor and costumes are already out - no surprise - as they seem to come out earlier and earlier each year. Fine by me!

Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. I love it like most people love Christmas. It's nothing but fun, with no pressure for gifts and such, and it's all about kids. Plus, it starts the fall season and more holidays to come, family getting together, etc. Carter shares this love of mine, as most kids do. So, we found this darling costume for Jack and decided to purchase it, as baby costumes go fast. We may buy another before the actual holiday arrives (I think we have time), but here is the lion today. Check it out...

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