Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

After Kindergarten was let out, we drove out to one of our favorite Fort Worth picnic spots, The Botanical Gardens. We started going every year for Mother's Day when Carter was 1 year old. It's a beautiful area with plenty of spots for picnics and for kids to run around.

Getting it confused with the zoo, Carter kept asking to go to the "snake-atorium" (this is what he calls the reptile building at the FW Zoo). I finally let him know that we'd hopefully not see any snakes today and if he did, please start screaming. That gave him something to focus on - he searched and searched for snakes, hoping to get to scream his head off.

Here are a few photos:

In the Conservatory.

Checking out the fish with his "microscope".

Found a spider, but no snake.

Carter's famous "bunny ears". He thinks this is hilarious.

Always agreeable Jack. We can take him anywhere.

Inspecting a bug.

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