Tuesday, August 22, 2006

National Scouting Museum

Carter loves museums. That's all there is to it. Forever trying to find something new and interesting to do with him, I came across the National Scouting Museum in Irving. It's a really cool exhibit, complete with on-hands activities and games for him to play. He's so excited about becoming a Cub Scout next year, so he really got into it.

One problem with the museum trip. Carter wants one of these in the back yard now.

Learning how to be a scout.

"I get a gun when I become a boy scout?!"



Anonymous said...

Next time you go to this, can you please bring TJ? I have heard about Philmont for about ten years. He'd LOVE this!

starnes family said...

Yes. Send this to TJ and let him know that I will consult with him before any outings designed with the 5 year old in mind. :)