Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blake's Adventures

Free from work for the weekend, Blake headed towards Wyoming and the Devil's Tower National Monument. He camped there overnight and will do so tonight as well. Plenty of activity in the area....and it's gorgeous....he's having a great time. At dusk, the KOA site showed "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", which made the monument famous years ago. Devil's Tower was actually our country's first national monument, but the movie seems to get more credit. Take a look at his pictures.

Heading towards Devil's Tower, near Sundance, Wyoming.

The entrance to the Devil's Tower Campground.

As Blake says, "my office with a view".

Home away from home.


A few other photos from his travels. What an amazing opportunity to see all of this incredible country.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

On the road in South Dakota.

Black Hills of Wyoming.

Thanks to Blake for taking such great photos and sharing all of this with us!!!


Anonymous said...

Blake needs to send these pics to the VW magazine. They'd love the "office with a view" version. Really. I see this stuff in the magazine all the time.

starnes family said...

Cute idea! I had forgotten about that magazine. I'll check it out. Thanks, Caroline!