Monday, August 21, 2006

Bike Ride To School With Dad!

Carter woke this morning with such excitement at the thought of riding his bike to school with his Dad. So, they ate a good breakfast and Carter practically stood by the door the remainder of the morning and until it was time to go.

Getting ready.

Barely able to contain the excitement.

Lucky Dad got to wear the backpack.

They're on their way!

Technical difficulties. The bike riders re-group and plan their strategy for staying on the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Nice backpack Blake!

Anonymous said...

Um, excuse me. Where's Blake's helmet?!?!?

starnes family said...

I know, I know. Blake and I have been intending to buy helmets for us, too, for our family bike rides. Just haven't gotten around to it. Bad example. Thanks for pointing it out, Caroline!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is my new laptop case. I thought I would upgrade from my fancy Victorinox (Swiss Army) duffle to a more stylish Power Ranger Mystic Force rolling back pack.

And I cant wear a helmet because it will mess up my hair.