Monday, September 18, 2006

Goodbye To The Rands

In a week, we'll be on our way to Colorado and our tearful good-byes will be over. Tonight was one of the hardest! The Rands, as mentioned in an earlier post, are some of our oldest and dearest "friends with kids".

We all lived in Austin together at one point...we got married a week before Bryan and Alisha did....we started our families close together....Carter and Haylee began Kindergarten at the same time, etc. They are a family that we love and respect and we will miss them a ton!

From our last dinner at Chuck E Cheese's....

Jack, Casey, Alisha and sweet Gracie.

Grace playing a video game.

Carter with a handfull of tickets...some possibly stolen. Alisha and I watched in amazement as both Carter and Haylee produced tokens and tickets after all of theirs were used or spent. They're certainly resourceful!

Hands down, one of the best moms I know. Here is Alisha holding our baby Jack.

The happy couple.... Doesn't this look like a "party pic" from college?! Perhaps we'll see one like this one day from UT (or better yet, when Haylee visits Carter at LSU!).