Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pictures From Wyoming

With just a few days left on the road, Blake is taking full advantage of the beautiful country he is in. His 7 week trek ends shortly...and we will be a family once again!

Blake will retire his current life - lots and lots of work, living out of a Volkswagen and a combination of hotels, camping and weekend flights home. He will see his children again on a day-to-day basis! We will eat breakfast together and sit down to family dinners! Blake and Carter will resume playing Playstation and Power Rangers and spending endless hours enticing Jack to laugh that silly belly laugh we all love so much.

I think we've all learned it's the daily things you don't think about that make life meaningful. Just seeing kids in their PJ's each night, riding bikes through the neighborhood, running in to see the latest game Carter found on the computer, and waking up to roll the baby over because he's stuck on his tummy (AGAIN!).

Until then, enjoy it, Blake. We're envious of your travels!

Mirror Lake.

On the outskirts of Medicine Bow National Forest.

Beautiful waterfall.


Change of seasons.

Aspen tree.

Wind River Canyon.

A longhorn antelope.