Friday, September 22, 2006

Bear Creek Park

With the anticipation of Blake's arrival tonight, I knew there was no way we would sit peacefully and calmly at home this afternoon (come to think of it, we rarely do anyway).

So, Jack and I picked Carter up from school today with the car packed full of picnic gear and bread for the ducks. We headed out to Bear Creek Park....where Carter learned to fish at age 2, where we spent several evenings at Keller Festivals, where Carter hunted for eggs in the spring, etc. It's a beautiful park!

Lunch time.

And, here Jack sits kindly watching us eat, probably dreaming of being able to eat McDonalds happy meals one day, too.

Trying to feed the ducks.

He found one that was interested in eating.

But, we ended up feeding more turtles and fish than anything else.

Curious boy checking things out.

Our favorite duck, of course....because of the mohawk.

Some time on the playground.

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