Saturday, September 09, 2006

Perhaps The Most Difficult Goodbye

We ate at our favorite restaurant here in Texas today for the last time (Joe T. Garcia's is a close runner up). Babe's Fried Chicken in Roanoke is the best that there is. If you have not tried it, make the trip out there. There are two options - fried chicken or chicken fried steak....both served family style with sweet salad, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and homemade biscuits. Funny coincidence....Joe T's in Fort Worth has only two options, too....maybe these old restaurants have it all figured out.


The wait outside...oddly short today.

Blake and Carter.

Carter at the jukebox.

Does a more delicious or healthier meal exist?


Anonymous said...

Love Carter's muscle shirt.

Anonymous said...

mmmm.... Babe's.

Anonymous said...

Did people look at you funny when you were taking a picture of fried chicken! FREAKS!!

starnes family said...

No, they didn't, Jen Fitz. Everyone who eats at Babe's respects the chicken and if you do not, I suggest you take your chicken craving elsewhere.