Thursday, September 07, 2006

Skateboarding Dude

Carter has always been into skateboards. He thinks they're tough looking and has even taken on the typical skateboarding dude language. I heard him greet a friend this morning in front of school with "Sup, Dillon?" We've taken many trips to the skate park at Grapevine Mills mall just so he can sit and watch the boys ride their skateboards and roller blades. Caroline got him his first skateboard at age 3, complete with gear he still uses today.

He's taken a recent, more intensified interest in it because a guy working at the Sun and Ski Shop told him the following, which he reminded me of yesterday...."If you can skateboard, you can snowboard, dude." He loved that and is working hard on learning.

He looks pretty cool here and "tough" as he loves to be described as, however, he may need to lose the Nemo stickers on the bottom of the board to achieve the level of coolness he's aiming for.


Anonymous said...

Tip #1: Never wear flip flops to skateboard. Always wear closed toed shoes.

starnes family said...

We weren't breaking any records, smarty. Just going up and down the drive way. I know the skateboarding rules, sista.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing Ceason about the flip flops...Carter's got all that other gear on and then flip flops...come on Mom!