Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 Wrap Up

Class parties were so fun this year.  Lainey celebrated all week, so I never took pictures.  

Jack had several days of activities and then a breakfast, too.

Sweet children.

And, my sweet Jackie.

He's kicking it old school at home with roller skates.

We celebrated at church with the kids making swaddled baby Jesus ornaments.  Found this on Pinterest and adore it.

We tried looking at Christmas lights again this year.  Total fail.  

Sweet kids started out looking like this:

And, turned into this before we even left the house.

Luckily, they rallied prior to mass on Christmas Eve.

My favorite photo each year:

These kids are getting big.  Ages 6, 7 and 13.

The fam!

Home after mass for one present opened by each kid.

Santa tracker.

The Night Before Christmas.

Reindeer food spread out with sprinkles so the reindeer see the sparkles and don't miss this house!

Two believers left in this house.  My heart aches a bit knowing we have probably 2 more years.  Once Jack knows, Lainey will know.  Those two are thick as thieves.

"I see Santa!"

Treats for Santa and the reindeer.

And, time for bed.  I laid down with the littles while Carter and Blake threw rocks on the roof.  A neighbor rang the door bell to deliver treats while we were laying down, so there was an unusual delay.  Lainey whispered "I'm just waiting on the stomp and jingle so I can go to bed."

Rocks trickle down the roof to emulate hooves landing and the bells, of course, are Santa's.

Works every time.

Christmas morning arrived at 6:30am and we dove in.  

Carter, with his new allowance system, bought gifts for everyone, including the book Divergent for me.  Wrapped cute:

The gifts were too much from family and friends, near and far.  

Santa gifts included one from request from each child, as our tradition goes:

Lainey - Caboodle makeup kit
Jack - Disney's Infinity
Carter - Basketball shoes

Finally, I opened this.....hand-made by Blake and the kids from a recycled pallet and paints Blake mixed himself.  Total cost = $0.  I couldn't love it more.  He even wrote the word "Beach" free-hand.  Crazy talented!

Now, we play and eat and re-organize the house to fit everything in.

Have the merriest of Christmases!

XO, Casey


Dee Stephens said...

Free hand???!! WOW!! He needs to fly over and here and write Shelby's name on her growth chart Brad made her for Christmas.
My brother and I were 5 years apart and long after he quit believing he use to help keep the spirit too.
Great family pictures of all of you guys. It's amazing how much the kids have grown since I started reading this blog!

Jboo said...

What a wonderful celebration! Love your photos and so nice to see you and the hubs in one -- what a beautiful family! And his gift -- wow! Beats the wrinkle cream (anti-wrinkle I should say)that I received! :)

Unknown said...

Love your hair. And they still make caboodles?!?

donatelli98 said...

So sweet my friend!!

Jodee said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! Love Blake's gift. It was perfect!

Emmy said...

No way "beach" was free hand! Wow he is talented, I love it.

Love that you throw rocks on the roof. So fun. Looks like the perfect Christmas!

Monica said...

That sweet Carter buying gifts with his allowance. Such a sweet guy.