Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Almost Christmas!

We've been busy.

At CCD, we toured the church and saw that baby Jesus was still not here.

We made a swaddled baby Jesus ornament in anticipation.

We are enjoying the snowman toilet cover again.  So classy.  Thanks, Caroline!

Carter and I saw Saving Mr. Banks and it was fantastic!

And, we made one last trip to Disneyland for the holidays.  

It was rainy and we brought ponchos in anticipation, but never needed them.  Just sprinkled here and there.

These two have joined forces lately in making me insane.  Holding hands, running through Disneyland like fools.  

Season pass holders were invited to a special presentation on how Disneyland Holiday Magic comes together.  I was in heaven.

Jackie rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on his own for the first time!  Carter had basketball practice, so I was solo with the littles.  We have to be creative on how we ride with an odd number.  

And, speaking of basketball....Carter made the 7th grade team!!!!!!!  His first school sport.  Competition was tough.....we are super proud.

Bye bye Disneyland Christmas......until next year!

And, finally......I'm putting the finishing touches on my Disneyland planning site.  Here's a sneak peak at my first graphic, which will be mimicked on future ones.

I'm so excited!

Today is a baking day for neighbors and friends.  Tomorrow, Christmas Eve mass at 6pm and our 14th Christmas begins!  

Oh, one more thing!

Our card:

(it's a parody of a popular SNL skit called The Californians)

Enjoy every minute of this special time of year!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Merry Christmas Starnes Family!

Lauren W said...

Merry Christmas, Starnes fam!

Dee Stephens said...

Best time of the year! You guys have a great holiday, as I know you will!

Leiah said...

Merry Christmas to my favorite cussmans!

Monica said...

I hope these kids realize how lucky they have it some day!