Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Palomino Island

More from Puerto Rico....

Several pictures from the island adjacent to our resort and where we spent our time on the beach.

It was a little surreal traveling out to it each day, as it seemed so remote and from a distance, deserted.

On the ferry, leaving Puerto Rico Island.

Entering the island.

Blake and I stared and stared at this other tiny island very close to Palamino. It was so beautiful, it seemed unreal.

Perfect spot.

A trail through the island.

We watched the many, many crews set up for our big departure dinner that evening. Blake's company does everything 1st class, so it was pretty extravagent.

More set up....the stage on the beach.

Back to the main island and then after a shower to freshen up, we boarded the ferry again for the party. Before, these pirates entertained us while we sipped beer and wine. They were pretty funny. Lots of swords, skulls, treasure chests and more as the night had a "Caribbean pirate" theme.

A view of the water park.

Night falls and time to party.

Had a lovely dinner with steak and lobster, dessert, and drinks. Fortune tellers, magicians, face painters, etc.....kept busy with the guests. It was a lot of fun.

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