Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visit At Ryan And Cortney's

A few pictures from our night in Keller with friends.

Halle and Carter....just as close today as they were living down the street from each other.

Our attempt at a picture of all the kids. Whitney was wise to hold her new baby, Carson, because it got pretty wild!

From the left: Sydney, Halle, Lainey, Carter and Jack.

Lainey: "Who's in charge here?!"

Brian, Whitney, Cortney, Ryan, Casey and Blake. We all lived on the same street....where we all bought our first house....and became the best of friends. There were 4 houses in our group and we took turns hosting cook outs, parties, etc. just about every weekend for nearly 4 years. Bryan and Amy (not pictured) were the first to move, then us, now Brian and Whitney. Ryan and Cortney are looking for a larger house, too.

We were very blessed to have such a great group of people so close. It will likely never be the same!

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