Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sunday afternoon brought us outside for a walk to the Fountain Park down the street and then to Nick and Marisa's for snacks and time in the back yard, which eventually led to dinner. Great time, as always.

The Fountain Park is such a wonderful ammenity for the kids. There are great options where we live for outside play and this one is a favorite. And, we don't just happen upon these additions to the neighborhood. We seek them out when buying a house.....not just for the resale aspect....but because we use everything! The trails, parks, beach club, etc.

Lainey wasn't sure about the whole thing. The water was cold due to a mostly overcast day.

Going in.....

And, quickly coming back out. At least she tried!

"Help, Daddy."

The water stops every 15 minutes, so Jack is thrilled each time to push the button again.

Jack ran circles around the park because he wasn't a fan of the cold water, either.

Carter for sure loved it the most. There could have been ice cubes coming out of the water and he still would have enjoyed it.

Dad found a bug. Always interesting.

Another try?


Dried off from the Fountain Park and headed to Nick's.

Time for smores! Marisa, pictured to the right, is pregnant and has the same due date as Lainey did. A boy is on the way for them.....they already have Emilia who is 2 next month and then Lucciano will complete their family soon thereafter.


Jack is very giving, especially when it comes to food. Even though he liked the marshmallows, there were still plenty enough to give to Daddy.

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