Saturday, July 19, 2008


Home this morning after a great night out in Keller with old friends Cortney, Ryan, Brian and Whitnie. Lots of kids, good food from Babe's Fried Chicken - an old favorite in nearby Roanoke, TX, and as always fun with friends.

We walked down to our old house and it was very difficult to see. Such good memories....hard work and savings to build our first house so long ago....a bond with neighbors that we'll likely never know be there was bitter sweet. The house looks good and that made us happy. Just wish we could have gone in and claimed it as ours!

Out to see Pa and Mae Mae's major house renovations and then to see Britney and baby. Blake and the kids are spending the night out in McKinney with Trysten, Brad, and Pa....which is sure to be an interesting evening....while Caroline and I have some sister time with Mamma Mia! and shopping.

Lots of pictures to post from the camera, but none until we return to Colorado.

More later!

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