Saturday, July 05, 2008


Had lots of fun before the big show started last night.

First, to Sarah's house for a Hot Dog party. Really cute idea....they provided the dogs and works and we all brought drinks and a side dish.

Carter and Daddy.

Jack's turn.

"No one is looking at me!"

Next, we were off to Benedict Park for some time on the playground before the annual duck race.

We bought 3 ducks....Chris and Bella bought one....out of 1,000 purchased...we didn't win. It was fun, anyway, and the proceeds go to a local charity.

This was so sweet. Mama duck took her babies out to show the plastic ones how it's done!

The end of the race. They call out the top 10 winners....and then the very last duck wins, too.

"Did we win? Did we win?"

The fam.

A simple way to get Jack to start moving is count to 3 and then say, "Go!" Every day is a race for him.

Now, on to Nick's house which borders Josie's house.....for more food and games.

Ice cream, too.

Blake, Nick and Carter.

Chris and Chris.

Mid game, our two youngest take off into the middle of it.

New friends Noelle with Olivia. Lainey and Olivia squealed and squealed at each other.

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