Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Had a great flight with 1 sleeping baby (Jack) nearly the entire time....and then Lainey, although awake and talkative, didn't cry much and really just entertained our fellow passengers. Landed at 1:13, got the rental car, and headed to see CAROLINE!!!!!! So very excited.

She greeted us with gifts from her recent cruise to the Caribbean and they were all well received. We had a few for her, too, for the upcoming school year. We always buy her some sort of supplies each year....needed or not....Carter picks them out and he's always so proud to give them.

Quick visit there and then out to McKinney to see Britney and Mark's new house, have dinner, and see other family there, too.

Up very early tomorrow to meet Maci and then another busy day planned.

Will try to post throughout the day from my new trick.....taught by my mentor, Shannon.

Enjoy your day!

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