Friday, July 18, 2008


Home tonight after a great day. Maci arrived this morning and everyone is doing well. Sweet baby girl....a new buddy for Lainey. Very happy for Britney and Mark!

After a few hours at the hospital, we met friends at the Galleria for lunch....Monica, Jennifer, and Alisha plus kids.....did some shopping....a trip out to see Britney and baby again....then back to Caroline's for dinner and time in the back yard. A visit to the park.....scavenger hunt for toads....lots of time on Caroline's swing....all so much fun for the kids.

I love all of the big events when we travel, but there is nothing like being at Caroline and Ryan's house - either with lots of chaos with everyone going in different directions - or with kids in bed and time to talk.

So very grateful to be here.

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