Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pool Pics

Pool trip on Monday....glad we went....some neighborhood kids climbed the fence one evening after and dyed the water black. They had to drain it and again on Saturday. Those crazy kids!!!!

Don't worry. Carter has an alibi.

She loves the fountains splashing at her feet!

Carter feet.....size 4 now.....had to buy him a 5 in his Keen's. Britney and he can now share shoes.

The adjacent sandbox is a great option for the little ones. Keeps them occupied and out of the water for a bit. There's a large umbrella over one portion, so less sun on them, too. I like it because it's no small task to take 3 kids to the pool. Having them in one location, free of drowning, gives me a break for a few minutes.

Carter and Caden.


Looks like a big project taking shape under the octopus.

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