Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Barr Lake

Tuesday morning included a trip out to Barr Lake. This Colorado State Park is located just minutes from us and now that we've finally been, I'm kicking myself that we waited this long.

Brighton has a larger than usual rare bird population and there have been talks to create a separate refuge for them. Specifically, bald eagles occupy this area and one couple nests and raises babies each year at the park.

Lots to do and learn from this site. I got us an annual pass to all Colorado State Parks, so this and many more are in our future.

The lake.

This young deer was seen at the entrance.

Three kids ready to go. Upon arriving, we visited the Nature Center. The kids dressed up in costumes, saw the resident turtle, and colored.

And, then to our first trail.

Jack working hard to be a big boy.

Saw this crane from the viewing station.

Lots of geese, too.

Sweet brothers.

We rented binoculars from the Nature Center. Had some at home, but forgot to bring them.

I asked Carter to take a picture of Lainey sleeping and being the clever boy he is, he told me to do the same.

Then, Jack had to go "nigh night", too.

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