Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our First House

While in Texas, we spent a night out in Keller visiting old friends. It was a fun evening, but filled with a few tears....not just from seeing everyone and walking into Cortney's house and so many, many memories flooding my mind....but also at the sight of our first house.

I had been told by people that leaving your first house is an emotional process, but I had no idea of the real impact it would have on me. Yes, we cried and cried upon leaving for Colorado, seeing our house empty, leaving the keys on the counter knowing we would not be able to return. But, seeing it again after nearly 2 years proved to be a bit more than we bargained for.

"They're not trimming the trees right! They painted our shutters and the front door! Look how bad the landscaping looks in back!"

Everyone has his own taste, so this was bound to happen, but it was difficult to witness. Blake and I saved for what seemed like years for this house of ours. Built by us and filled with fixtures and lights and colors that we chose. We had just gotten married, had Carter very quickly and then began to focus on building our house. For months, we put every bit of our paychecks in savings, less $100, to live on until we got paid again two weeks later. I look back and have no idea how we did it. But, it was worth every sacrifice.

I think everyone should be lucky enough to experience such a process. To save and do without, all for this very important goal. It taught us so many life long lessons and none that we'll soon forget. We love where we are now and each house we own will hold a special place in our heart. But, I'm not sure any will compare to our first. As I told Whitney and Cortney while visiting - who are moving into larger and more fabulous homes - "We are all moving up to bigger and better, but I doubt you'll share the same feeling about it."

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