Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Always creative Jack finds a way to make the big family room chair even more comfortable.

Much thanks to Britney for blessing us with such a treasure as this Thomas chair. The look goes so very well with our decor. Which makes me think of many things Maci might like during her toddler years made of fake velvet, styrofoam and screen print fabric. :)

And, speaking of Britney, I have a picture of her doing this face to Carter when he was a baby. Maybe it's a Starnes thing?

"OK, OK, Dad, knock it off. Let me get back to my Thomas show."

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Britney said...

That cracks me up... precious boy! And yes, the face is a Starnes thing and something we clearly can not help... thanks dad! As for Maci, buy her whatever she desires, but I'll warn you I'm just as guilty for buying my own kid such tacky treasures :) T at one point had a talking Elmo doll that was the same size as my then 2 year old!