Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Visit With Uncle Rick

I'm way out of order here, but catching up.

Several weeks ago, my Uncle Rick came into town and we had 2 good visits with him. First, he took us on a tour of his familiarity with Denver, then dinner. A few days later, he joined us at the zoo. Always so good to see family.

At the cemetary where some of our family is buried.

My great-great-grandmother, whom I'm named after. (Casey Joan Clemens)

With Rick.

My great-great-grandparents' old house.

Always a fun dinner at Casa Bonita.

Carter showed Rick around and they had a great time together.

Jack is a cheater at Ski Ball.

At the Denver Zoo. Rick hadn't been in forever, so it was interesting to hear about the changes.

Wonder why Lainey looks so concerned here?

Jack is getting good at this tradition.....sizing up against the polar bear.

Run, peacock, run!!!!!

Jack pops right up in the stroller for a better look.

Learning about the animals' diets.

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