Sunday, July 06, 2008


The bottom bunk of this bed is set up for Jack tonight.

It's ready. We're not.

Our new bed arrives on Saturday, so the current one will be moved to Jack's room, where he's being kicked out of. He and Carter will now share a room and since he's still in his crib at this very moment, the week ahead holds a challenging transition for us all. I remember it taking 2 weeks to really cement Carter into the change. Hoping we can at least do as well with Jack.

Under that quilt lies Thomas the Train sheets. His favorite white polar bear stuffed animal and giraffe will be waiting for him. A side rail will be installed to catch him when his tornado-like moves begin and he starts spinning around the bed.

Hoping all of this and the 10 mile hike we have planned for the afternoon to tire him out all aide in the big move. Say some prayers.

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