Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caroline and Ryan's House

Blogger finally let me back in to post pictures. Phew!

Lots and lots of pictures in my final update from Dallas.

Carter 'wearing' a couple of locust shells found in Caroline's back yard.

Time on the very popular swing.

One evening, we took the boys on a walk to the park across the street. Carter and Jack played on the playground, ran bases at the baseball diamond, and more. Jack was soaked from sliding through water and was eager to give Caroline a hug!

Messy, messy boy.

And, he's a little monkey....always surprising us with his climbing abilities.

Another day in the back yard. Caroline's house presents a strong argument for those debating between an old and new house. Her back yard alone is convincing due to it being nearly covered with shade from the gigantic trees. So nice during those hot Texas days!

Carter in the tree house.

Slip 'n Slide!!!!!! Since returning from our trip, we've tried to locate one here in Colorado and they're nowhere to be found. Guess we'll have to go back to Cari's to play.

Jack was weary of the water at first.

But, loved to watch Carter!

Caroline had a fridge full of popsicles for the kids (or herself and we just showed up at the right time!).

Jack has totally embraced the whole posing for pictures request. As soon as I say "Jack, cheese!", he leans over to Carter and smiles.

Finally, Jack tries the slide.

It wasn't at all pretty or graceful....but finally....


Time out for some tic-tac-toe. Caroline was prepared with all sorts of stuff for the kids.

Lainey wakes from her much needed 4 hour nap and so we put her in the pool for a bit.

5 of my most favorite people in this world....

Little ones together.

What a fun day.

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Malinda said...

Big Lots had slip n slides earlier in the summer. I don't know if they still have them.

Growing up my brother and I always wanted one, so my brother made one with a huge sheet of painter's plastic and a water hose. He put it on a hill so we could go fast, but weighted the ends of the plastic down with bricks. That part was not such a good idea.