Monday, June 09, 2008

The Week Of Friends

With an upcoming 7 week stay in Alabama to visit their mom, Rien and Brody have been the center of our attention over the past several days. Carter and Brody have been together non-stop, each spending the night at the other's house at least 4 times last week.

One night, we had all the kids over here....Rien, Bella, Brody and watch movies, spend the night and play. The next morning, Chris came over with the little ones, Taylor and Jonathan....add them to my little ones, Jack and Lainey and we had a full house!

We spent the morning doing a Father's Day craft and then Chris made lunch for everyone. It was a yucky overcast day outside, so everything worked out nicely with kids inside and plenty to do.

The big sleepover at our house. I love this picture because Jack is trying so hard to be one of the big kids, in his pj's and "hanging out".

Isabella and Rien. I love having big girls around to see what is ahead, share the excitement of new baby clothes, decor for Lainey's room, girl stuff, etc. Once we start talking about such things, the boys all go into immediate "gross out" mode. Bella and Rien are great girls, too, so we love having them over.

Time for our Father's Day craft. We made dough handprints for the dads. It's a super easy recipe - 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of water. More details here.

We've done these for Blake since birth, so he has record of all the little ones' growth.

The babies are always difficult to handle. They're either scared of the dough or they want to squeeze it.

Jonathan hung around well after the project was done, playing with the dough.

Before they left from the sleepover, I handed them each 4 stamped and addressed envelopes so that they can be pen pals for the summer. No reason they can't all stay in touch, send pictures, and keep their writing skills up to date at the same time! They were concerned about all the details....who will write first, what if we need more paper??? I'm sure they'll figure it out.

The kids officially leave on Thursday, so Wednesday night will include a pizza party, some time in the field hunting coyotes, and a craft. It will be hard to see all these good friends split up for a while, but the reunion will be so much fun....July 30.

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