Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pool Day

Lots and lots of pictures from our first day at the neighborhood pool last weekend.

Lainey and Taylor.

Taylor is older and she's constantly picking at Lainey....either taking her bow or here, her hat.

A brief glimpse of Carter. We rarely see him at the pool because he's off in the "deep" 5 foot end with friends. (Didn't the deep end exist near 8 feet not too long ago?)

Jack cruising between the playground and sandbox.

Our precious crawler.

To the slide....

Here is Jack trying to pick up the surf board, bolted into the playground.

The girls in the water. They loved it!

Jack did, too.

Carter playing with Lainey.

Trains go in water, too.

I love these looks....

Lainey tries out Taylor's raft.

Brody and Carter.

I love this pouty face.

Jack back in the sandbox.

There's Carter...

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