Monday, June 09, 2008


A few of you have asked for pictures of my plants, so here is a small sample of what we have. I can't take a whole lot of credit for them. I planted them and water and prune, but not much more. Since the summer began, I've only fed them once, actually. Good Colorado weather provides most of the help, but the heat will soon be here and so these fresh blooms won't look so vibrant. For now, they're lovely and we are enjoying them.

It was incredibly windy here today, so they look a bit out of place.

I love old clay pots, rather than the synthetic ones so popular now. I use them...but there is something about the clay that I prefer. The water stains from previous years, the cold touch to your hands....seems like summer.

My "pasta plant" among others....getting bigger by the day.

These pots don't drain well, but the flowers look pretty good this year and I LOVE the pots themselves.

These flowers sit outside my kitchen window and I enjoy looking at the blooms each day. The window is typically open, cool breeze blowing in. We have three window ledges like this on the house and the other two started out with similar plants, but have already been replaced. The wind upstairs tore through them and they did not do well. Now, we have sweet potato vines and other hearty bush-type plants to withstand the wind. Forgot to get pictures of them....maybe later.

We're currently deciding on 2 future outdoor projects - if they'll take place this summer and if so, when. First, we'd like to add a vegetable garden to teach the kids (and ourselves) how to grow and harvest our own tomatoes, lettuce, watermelons, and most exciting, pumpkins! Our last option for the season is pumpkins, which can be planted now, but not for much longer.

Second, Blake has been researching and planning options for a pergola to cover the patio. With Puerto Rico in 2 weeks, Texas in July and then into the mountains in August, we're not sure we'll have the time to commit to each project. If not, next summer.

Overall, we are loving this house, our landscaping improvements - Blake has done wonderful things with the back yard. The playhouse now even has its own solar powered porch light, which is almost too cute for words.

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Malinda said...

You are truely a Supermom! How do you find the time to do all this? I've only got one child and do good to water my flowers every other day.